The Timeless Allure of the Kawasaki Tengai

Way before the highly popular Versys 650 was introduced, Kawasaki had previous experience with off-roader-styled bikes that were used almost exclusively on asphalt.

kawasaki tengai

One of our stable of "Bargain Bike" suggestions, the Tengai (or Horizon in Japanese) was based on the legendary KLR650 which, as everyone knows, will be the only survivor of an apocalypse along with cockroaches given how brutally strong the engine is.

To create the Paris-Dakar-styled Tengai, Kawasaki engineers added desert racer-style side cowls to the headlamp fairing plus a huge 23-litre fuel tank creating a long-distance potential that was only really restricted by seat comfort rather than fuel consumption. Other changes from the KLR were a lowering of the suspension and a different spec electric fan to make up for the restriction of the cowling that covered the engine.

Not a big seller, the Tengai is nevertheless a potential great buy – especially if you are after a bike that, once properly set up and protected from the ravages of weather, should last forever. Being based on the KLR650 (which is amazingly STILL in production after nearly 40 years!) there is an incredible global following for the basic engine and chassis combination in all its guises.

Of course, being an offroad-styled bike – and being decades old – the ravages of time take their toll, but that is where CMSNL comes in. We are happy to help you track down those elusive parts to maintain or restore your Tengai ensuring you can pass 100,000kms or more with ease.

Let your Horizons come closer with the help of CMSNL and enjoy the value that a 650 Tengai can deliver!

issued: Wednesday, February 14, 2024
updated: Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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