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Common question after receiving the products

Invoice Exception codes

Here is some basic information that explains the codes used on the invoice you receive from CMS.

Here are the exception codes:
E Item is superseded. For more information please follow this link: Supersession info
M Item is no longer available. We suggest you put this item in your wish list: For more information about the wish list follow this link Wishlist info
X Cancelled by supplier. The item initially seemed to be available but a discrepancy in the stock occurred.
Y Item has been cancelled by yourself. More information about cancelling parts can be found by following this link: Cancelling info


I received my order and something is missing

Please contact the help desk.


Incorrect items ordered or received

Please read the return policy.


Return policy

CMS complies with the European Union ( EU ) directives about online ordering and accepting returns. Please understand however, the EU developed this directive without taking specialised parts supply companies into consideration. Many products we supply are model specific, so returns may result in placing the part back to stock and may well never be sold. As a result this will increase our overheads which ultimately reflects in pricing. So please help us to keep on working as efficiently possible by making sure you are ordering the correct part(s). If you are unsure of the item to order please contact us first prior placing an order, we are here to assist you.

Return a product? You need an RMA first
If you wish to return an item, the return has to be accompanied with a Return Material Authorisation ( RMA ). There are several reasons why we need you to do this:

  • Main reason is that we work with a team of people.
    To find out the reason for a return we consult our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). In our ERP we can keep track of all communications including those which our team members had with you. In this way we can assure a swift and efficient follow up.
  • we save product specific complaints in order to do research and avoid any future issues.

How to request an RMA
To request an RMA, please log in to your account first and open a ticket. Please include the following information:

  • Invoice number;
  • product numbers;
  • A clear description of the reasons why you request to return.

Once the return request is approved, you will be e-mailed a document. Please print this document and include this with the return shipment. Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us.

When requesting an RMA the team will follow the below guidelines:

  • An RMA has to be requested within 7 days after taking receipt of your order.
    Any RMA requested after the RMA expiration date will be handled at our discretion.
  • Original packaging in good condition.
    Please include all original packaging in good condition (free from scratches, blemishes, tears, dents, and markings - including writing of any kind) with your return.
  • Unused condition
    CMS is unable to accept returned items that have been installed/used. Electrical items may not be returned when removed from their original packing.

Full refund
Full refund will be issued when:

  • Part(s) supplied was (were) not as per the expected item(s);
  • Part(s) was (were) wrongly labelled;
  • Part(s) supplied (was) were damaged upon arrival.

Full refund will be issued including shipping fees both ways.

25% restocking fee
We reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee in the following cases:

  • An order was placed and needs to be cancelled between 7 and 30 days after the order was placed (this may apply to special orders made by us on your behalf );
  • A superseded item was supplied (Shipping costs will not be refunded) ;
  • An RMA has been requested after 7 days of taken receipt. An RMA will then solely be processed upon our discretion. (shipping costs will not be refunded)

Credit will be solely refunded when the goods are (back) in our possession. We do not credit when goods are still in transit. Normally the credit should apply on your card or bank account within 14 business days after receipt of the goods.

Trade terms
All transactions are being carried out by our registered trade terms which are under Dutch law. Accepting and ordering parts via CMS implicates that you have accepted our terms and policies.

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Packing & sending back your return

Please include all original packaging in good condition (free from scratches, blemishes, tears, dents, and markings - including writing of any kind) with your return.


I did not receive a confirmation e-mail when I ordered.

In normal operations, the system immediately sends an confirmation e-mail after completing the order. When you have not received an confirmation e-mail it is possible that:

  1. Your email address is caught by a spam fighter and is filtered to a spam box.
    Solution: check your spam box. Make sure that the domain is not in a spam filter list.
  2. Your e-mail box is (temporarily) full. The mail program retries to send the email for a certain number of days. After that period, the email address is considered lost.

You can also check your order status in my account.


What is an RMA ?

An R.M.A. ( Return Material Authorisation) is a document that needs to be accompanied with the return product.

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