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Video Health Warning – pleas read carefully!

Warning: This video is only for those who are seriously obsessed and passionate about Vintage Japanese Motorcycles – viewing this video could seriously affect your life and your mental well-being – please don’t say we did not warn you!

If like us however, you are a Vintage Japanese Motorcycle obsessive, then why not share your passion, enthusiasm and perhaps feature your own individual machine or even your collection, if you were inspired after viewing this video.

The enthusiasts for who this video has been produced, will hopefully go on to inspire more like minded enthusiasts to continue the great tradition of restoring, owning and riding Vintage Japanese Motorcycles.

Go on – share your passion!

Vehicles owners list

Discover who owns which motorcycle, car or ATV. Be part of a rapid growing vehicle registry and show your ride to the world.

The owners list has already over 18,000 customer's vehicles listed! The list is dominated by 11K Honda machines, followed by Suzuki and Yamaha. The years 1982, 1981 and 1983 are the most occurring years.



See who use this this website. Browses thousands of profiles.


Classic Honda Fansite

This vintage Honda motorcycle website is a tribute to all classic Honda's. If you are looking for specific classic Honda photo's and information, then this is the place to go!



CMS has enabled model specific and product specific forums. So, if you need help from the online community, then you can post your question here.


Top forum posters

Ever wondered who the most active posters are? Hail to the members in the Hall of Fame!



Our website contains many product reviews that can help you in making decisions. The reviews provide valuable feedback by other enthusiasts that already purchased the product and share their experience.

New reviews

Here you can read about the latest and freshest user experiences as well as tips on the purchased products. Tune in and stay updated on the newest product ratings.

Top reviewers

See the most appreciated reviewers on this website.



See what else is on this website.


The link section contains an extensive list of important resources for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Fuel Prices Compared

European countries compared by fuelprice.


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1980 Suzuki TS125ER  1980 Suzuki TS125ER 
1979 Honda XL250S 1979 Z CANADA  1979 Honda XL250S 1979 (Z) CANADA 
1972 Honda CB750K2 FOUR FRANCE  1972 Honda CB750K2 FOUR FRANCE 
1994 Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN 1994 R BELGIUM  1994 Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN 1994 (R) BELGIUM 
2018 Honda MTX50RFD BELGIUM  2018 Honda MTX50RFD BELGIUM 
2003 Suzuki VL125  2003 Suzuki VL125 
1991 Honda NSR125  1991 Honda NSR125 
1984 Honda VF500C  1984 Honda VF500C 
1981 Suzuki GS1100  1981 Suzuki GS1100 
1974 Suzuki GN400  1974 Suzuki GN400 


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