Affiliate Program

Earn money with your website by participating with our partner program.
If you are a webmaster of a motorcycle related website and you want to earn money from your site, then read on. When you run a website or a newsletter, you can earn a substantial income... every month!

How it works

An independent third party ( Commission Junction ) tracks all clicks originating from your website or mailinglist and records all sales made thanks to you. From those sales you receive a commission.

In short:

  1. Sign up with Commission Juction
  2. Add a link to your website / newsletter
  3. Receive your paycheck

Why join

  • CMS offers one of the highest commissions in our industry: earn up to 8.5% commission on every sale.
  • The average order level is high, meaning a high average commission payout per order.
  • The affiliate program is 100% free!
  • You get paid automatically. Cheques are sent every 20th of the month.

It's easy

All you have to do is put a link on your website. We handle the rest!

How much you can earn

With our performance based commission program, you can raise your commission rate up to 8.5%. Here's what you can earn in our program.

Commission Rate Monthly Sales Revenue
8.5% €8,001 or more
7.0% € 5,501 to € 8,000
5.5% € 0 to € 5,500

Sign Up

Go to the website of Commission Junction to join our affiliate program right now!

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