Z and KR - When Air Met Water

1977 was an interesting year for Kawasaki. The big Z family was now 1015cc and the new 652cc Z650 was ready to wow the press and public with performance only just short of the litre machines and with more responsive handling.

On track, the water-cooled “tandem twin” KR racing machines (with one cylinder mounted behind the other and both cylinders joined by gears) was beginning to fulfil early promise and would eventually win the 250cc World Championship in 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981.

The mid to late 1970’s was when most manufacturer ranges included both air and water-cooled machines with the latter being favoured for their ability to govern engine temperature (therefore maintain performance) and lower noise as stricter legislation emerged.

Not that the Z650 had a short life. In the same way that the KR250 was gradually developed (with even the phasing of the crankshafts being changed) so too did the Z650, surviving for six years in its original form lasting until 1983 then, as the ZR-7 finally bowing out in 2004.

As a company with engineering at its core, Kawasaki “design in” longevity and durability and are experts at re-using components across the years which is a real plus for restorers who have a greater chance of locating a part for their pride and joy.

At CMS we not only carry shelves of Z650 (and old Z750, 750 Turbo and ZR-7) parts but we also cross reference part numbers to give you an even greater chance of securing that elusive item. We may not have a KR250 in pieces but if you want something for your cherished Z then we are your preferred parts partner ready to help.

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issued: Sunday, September 10, 2023
updated: Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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