Exploring the Honda EZ90: The Futuristic Gem That Blends Motocross and Scooter Style!

In the vast world of motorcycles, some models stand out not just for their performance but for their distinctive design. One such gem is the Honda EZ90, also known as EZ-9 in some markets, a motocross-inspired scooter produced by Honda from 1991-1996. Futuristic and funky looking, its unconventional design resembled a cross between a scooter and a motocross bike.

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While not street-legal in some countries, the EZ90 is nonetheless capable of amazing off-road performances. Also, lots of Cubs were used as pit bikes (even by Valentino Rossi!) or as runabouts strapped to the back of RVs and campers.

Designed to make motorcycles more user-friendly and publicly acceptable, the Honda EZ 90 Cub hid all of its mechanicals inside futuristic plastic bodywork. In addition to the kickstart, the electric start button added a modern touch to its overall convenience. The automatic transmission required no clutch, and the 2-stroke 90cc engine with reed valve made this scoot peppier than you might expect, while a little storage cubby in the front of the bike (where the “Cub” logo is) added some functionality.

As for the name, Cub was most associated with hundreds of thousands of Honda “step-thru” machines using four-stroke single-cylinder engines contrasting with the more lively two-stroke unit of the EZ90. Honda even unveiled a snow-bike version of the Cub; appropriately called the "EZ-snow", at the Tokyo Salon at the end of 1991. The wheels were replaced with a steerable ski at the front and a rubber caterpillar track in the rear.

With its distinctive design and limited production numbers, the EZ90 has earned a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts who appreciate the unconventional and the exclusive. The challenge, however, lies in maintaining and restoring these rare machines. Luckily CMSNL boasts an extensive inventory of genuine Honda EZ90 spare parts, ensuring that enthusiasts can restore and maintain their prized possessions with authenticity.

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issued: Monday, January 22, 2024
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