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I am a 58 year old who works at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham as a operating department practitioner in The Ears,Nose and Troat Theatres. I brought my first Motorbike in October 1979, a Yamaha RS125. After passing my Motorbike test in January 1980 I went to Streetbike Dudley and purchased a new Honda CB250NA. I kept this bike until 1984 and travelled 72000 milestones on her. I was made redundant from my old job, a Electrician in May 1983 at British Steel Corporation, Brockmoor. So with severance and redundancy payments a few motorbikes were in the pipeline. In May i brought a second hand Honda CX 500 b, a 1981 W reg bike. I sold this bike as a part exchange to Streetbike Dudley when i brought my next new bike, a Honda CBX750F. This bike i rode for 42000 miles and sold her in 1986. I did buy another bike in 1984. It was a Suzuki GSX750E. I only kept this bike for 6 months it sounded very tinny and was just plastic. In 2015 i needed somthing to tinker with so i brought in March a 1982 ( X reg ) Honda CX500 EUROSPORT. In May 2015 brought my first Honda CBR1000FL from a biker who lived in Borve, the isle of skye, Scotland, then within 2 months brought another one from a biker who lives just East of Nottingham. Both bikes run well so have been stripped down and over the last year have slowly rebuilt the one CBR.
"Bollocks! " - Age: 63


model name

Honda CBX750FE 1984
Make: Honda
Name: CBX750FE
year: 1984

Honda 250NA 1981
Make: Honda
Name: 250NA
year: 1981

Honda CX500 EUROSPORT  1982
Make: Honda
year: 1982

Honda CBR1000FL 1990
Make: Honda
Name: CBR1000FL
year: 1990

Honda CBR1000F 1990
Make: Honda
Name: CBR1000F
year: 1990

Suzuki GSX750 1983
Make: Suzuki
Name: GSX750
year: 1983

Yamaha RS125 1979
Make: Yamaha
Name: RS125
year: 1979

customer reviews

Slipper, Cam Chain. Thursday, August 10, 2017
Arrived very quickly, Made to a high standard as you would expect from a spare part. The one on my bike has only covered 24000 miles but seeing parts for the CBR1000FL are getting harder... 67582
Water pump drain plug washer. Tuesday, May 24, 2016
This part does exactly what it should do. It is the replacement part. I've been using this part on my bikes for years and its never failed on me yet. Well worth the money.

Collar, Exhaust/ Rear silencer supports.. Monday, November 02, 2015
I brought this item to replace the rusty collar that holds my CBR exhaust system to the frame. The collar was reasonably priced and in my opinion well made. Im so happy with it im about... 48851
brake pin bolt Saturday, April 04, 2015
Good quality part. Arrived within 5 working days. Why bother using a worn rusty usually well worn part when you can purchase a good quality replacement part to get your brake system... 38861


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