Honda 250NA 1981 - Biffo69

Brought this motorbike after passing my bike test in February 1981. Brought the Superdream from again Streetbike, King Street, Dudley. If I can remember right I paid £1065.00 for it. Great bike on which I did 37000 miles. Travelled all over the country on her with my girl friend and all our camping equipment. It never failed me once. Had a bad motorbike crash on her. Two cars were over taking and I was coming the opposite direction. All I could do is put the bike onto the grass which luckly missed both cars causing only cosmetic damage to her. Me I was a little less fortunate.i ended going down into a ditch and shattering my elbow, braking my collar bone and concussion. I also just found out that a chipped both knee joints, so for the last 33 year have been walking around causing irreversible damage to both knees. was in hospital 3 months but now need bilateral knee replacement. Neither of the cars stopped. When I came out of hospital my friends had replaced all the scrapped parts, which came to nearly £350. 
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
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