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I work in the motor industry, but will be retiring soon. Following retirement I will be able to spend more time polishing/servicing and especially riding bikes -Honda bikes!

It's hard to say which is the best Honda, they simply made such great bikes. I do tend to view the 1960's bikes with a true passion.
The first Honda I rode was a C95 -i'll never forget that first Honda ride!

Happy biking
"Hondabiking" - Age: 73


model name

Honda CD175A 1968
Make: Honda
Name: CD175A
year: 1968

Honda C50 1970
Make: Honda
Name: C50
year: 1970

Honda ST50 1972
Make: Honda
Name: ST50
year: 1972

Honda CB350FOUR 1974
Make: Honda
Name: CB350FOUR
year: 1974

Honda GB400TT 1988
Make: Honda
Name: GB400TT
year: 1988

Honda C72 1964
Make: Honda
Name: C72
year: 1964

Honda CA95 1965
Make: Honda
Name: CA95
year: 1965

Honda S65 1965
Make: Honda
Name: S65
year: 1965

Suzuki U50 1968
Make: Suzuki
Name: U50
year: 1968

Yamaha RD250B 1975
Make: Yamaha
Name: RD250B
year: 1975

customer reviews

Speedometer Cable for C72 Tuesday, December 03, 2019
I needed to renew the speedometer cable on my 1964 C72.
I purchased it from CMS and received it promptly.
The Speedometer cable fits the bike perfectly and functions perfectly too.
I... 73666
Special tool Thursday, June 02, 2016

The float height is very important in the correct running of any engine.
I bought the float height tool so that I can get an accurate setting for the fuel level in the carbs... 60071
Front caliper assembly Tuesday, December 30, 2014
I needed a new brake caliper as the old one had been butchered by a previous owner. I didn't expect to be able to purchase a new one, however CMS came to my rescue.
The caliper fitted... 34231


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