Bolt, Hex, 6x22 Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa

The 9200006022 Bolt, Hex, 6x22 can be ordered. View linked machines. 92000-06022 is the manufacturercode.

Bolt, Hex, 6x22 photo
The CA105T TRAIL 1963 USA BOLT, HEX, 6X22 is shown as item 17 on the schematic.
Bolt, Hex, 6x22 Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa
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this product is superseded by 920000602200


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Whilst fasteners can be supplied from many sources, buying the correct specification parts will give the kind of confidence that makes fitting pattern parts hardly worth the anxiety suffered - when the part either fails prematurely or does not even fit correctly to start with!

  • Renewing this part is a lot easier than refurbishing the old item!
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    The Bolt, Hex, 6x22 appears in these Ca105t Trail 1963 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Front Fork Ii

    Small Image Of Clutch   Right Crankcase Cover

    Small Image Of Points   Left Crankcase Cover

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    WASHER MAG PIX | 90426001000
    O-RING,8X1.7 | 91306HB3003
    BOLT HEX 6X22 | 920000602200
    BOLT,HEX.,6X12 | 92101060120A
    WASHER,SPECIAL,10 | 90426GW0730
    BOLT,HEX.,6X12 | 9210106012
    O RING 8 MM | 91303001000
    BOLT,HEX.,6X22 | 92101060220A


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