Bearing, Crank Pin Gs750e 1981 (x) Usa (e03)

The 1216445500030 Bearing, Crank Pin can be ordered. View linked machines. 12164-45500-030 is the manufacturercode.

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The GS750E 1981 (X) USA (E03) BEARING, CRANK PIN is shown as item 3-3 on the schematic.
Bearing, Crank Pin Gs750e 1981 (x) Usa (e03)
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this product is superseded by 1216445510030


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Specify only genuine Japanese factory bearings and use exactly the same bearings as the factory professionals.
Remove any doubt about this critical area of the machine mind and fit only new genuine parts!

  • To ensure all the parts required are ordered, check out the online schematic for your model, and save time and money on shipping costs with a multiple order!
  • Our pro-workshop gasket sealant - 08C70K0234M to complete the job like a professional.
  • Do you need to order gaskets and seals - get everything to guarantee a smooth rebuild!

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