Crankshaft 115/130trq 1992

The 6N71141100 Crankshaft can be ordered. View linked machines. 6N7-11411-00-00 is the manufacturercode.

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The 115/130TRQ 1992 CRANKSHAFT is shown as item 1 on the schematic.
Crankshaft 115/130trq 1992
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A powerful reliable engine is desirable on two counts, on a boat running against a spring tide, especially when exiting an estuary port, you need every HP you can get; and the other reason; a smooth, quiet running engine without any unpleasant vibration just makes boating more pleasurable.
The Crankshaft and piston/s assembly is perhaps the most fundamental part of the engine and careful attention paid to this area, replacing worn, damaged or defective parts, will help ensure the engine gives its best.
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  • Pro-workshop gasket sealant, 08C70K0234M to help achieve a professional level of engine building expertise.
  • This component may have other applications within the Yamaha marine engine model range, so please make sure you order the correct part number/s for your application.

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    The Crankshaft appears in these 115/130trq 1992 parts lists:

    Small Image Of Crankshaft - Piston

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    SEAL, RING | 6E51144700
    HOUSING, BEARING 1 | 6R3151630094
    BRG,CYL-CAL ROLLER 36G (6E5) | 93311940U3
    OIL SEAL(61A) | 9310240M38
    O-RING (705) | 9321104384


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