Suzuki Pe250 1977-1979 (usa) parts lists

PE250 1977-1979 (USA) schematics are for your convenience and can be accessed anytime FOC. The PE250 1977-1979 (USA) has forty-five Other parts fiches. A total of 45 parts lists are found for the PE250 1977-1979 (USA) .

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Suzuki Pe250 1977-1979 (usa)

Suzuki PE250 1977-1979 USA

Launched in 1977 as Suzuki’s first really competitive enduro model, based on the highly successful RM moto-cross models developed so successfully by riders like Joel Robert. It’s dry weight of just 109kg was class leading, and its reed-valve two stroke motor put out a punchy 30.5hp, with enough mid-range power... Read more

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