(94101-06800) Washer, Flat, 6 Mm Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 1972 Usa

The 9410106000 (94101-06800) Washer, Flat, 6 Mm is now available for sale. Fits the Honda Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 1972 Usa. 94101-06000 is the original manufacturercode.

(94101-06800) Washer, Flat, 6 Mm photo

The CL175 SCRAMBLER 175 K6 1972 USA (94101-06800) WASHER, FLAT, 6 MM is shown as item 28 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 9410106000
: see below

this product is superseded by 9410106800
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    where used

    The (94101-06800) Washer, Flat, 6 Mm appears in these Cl175 Scrambler 175 K6 1972 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Winker
    Small Image Of Lower Crankcase
    Small Image Of Exhaust Muffler
    Small Image Of Frame Body
    Small Image Of Battery - Silicon Rectifier - Magnetic Switch
    Small Image Of Air Cleaner - Case
    Small Image Of Tail Light
    Small Image Of Front Fender
    Small Image Of Drive Chain - Case - Rear Fork
    Small Image Of Brake Pedal - Main Stand - Step
    Small Image Of Rear Brake - Panel
    Small Image Of Rear Fender - Tool Box
    Small Image Of Double Seat
    Small Image Of Left Crankcase Cover
    Small Image Of Cylinder - Piston
    Small Image Of Cylinder Head - Head Cover - Spark Plug



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