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YDS 5 leaking oil from ring exhaust pipe.

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Wim Van Eijk

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posted: Monday, August 17, 2009 00:21
Subject: YDS 5 leaking oil from ring exhaust pipe.

Hello i'm new here.My name is Wim from theNetherlands.
I,m a fan for old Yamahas.
A couple of weeks ago i got an YDS 5 from 1968.
The bike was restored 30 years ago,and after that never started again.I cleaned the carbs
and put new spark plugs and oil.New battery.
Because i did not thrust the oil pump,i put also some castrol oil in the gas tank.
The bike started immidiatly.As it was new...
The problem is black drops of oil at the rings that connect the exaust pipes to the barrels.
When driving i put an old cloth under it.
After 50 miles did not stop.
I think that the oil pump(autolube) is not working because the nylon pipes to the barrels are still not red.
Also posted the question at, but did not get the answer.
Hope i get it here.....
With kind regards Wim,

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