O-ring (278) Rd400 1978 Usa

The 9321029147 O-ring (278) can be ordered. View linked machines. 93210-29147 is the manufacturercode.

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RD400 1978 USA O-RING (278) 9321029147, for Yamaha
O-ring (278) Rd400 1978 Usa
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These superb machines deserve nothing less than top quality OE O-Ring Seals. Cheaper pattern parts may look O.K, but could let down an otherwise great refurbishment.

  • Don't take any chances insist on OE Oil Seals, O-Rings and Gaskets.
  • Our pro-workshop gasket sealant: 08C70K0234M to complete the job like a professional.

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    The O-ring (278) appears in these Rd400 1978 Usa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Shifter 1

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    NEUTRAL SWITCH ASSY | 1L98254000
    SCREW, FLAT HEAD | 9870105012
    GASKET, DRAIN PLUG (MCA) | 1371535300
    SCREW 278185770300 | 9014914031
    SPRING COMPRESSION278185570000 | 9050110062


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