Detent Comp. 50etsk/etlk 1984/1985

The 6H44416000 Detent Comp. is (temporarly) unavailable. View linked machines. 6H4-44160-00 is the manufacturercode.

Detent Comp. photo
The 50ETSK/ETLK 1984/1985 DETENT COMP. is shown as item 50 on the schematic.
Detent Comp. 50etsk/etlk 1984/1985
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The Detent Comp. appears in these 50etsk/etlk 1984/1985 parts lists:

Small Image Of Control - Engine

Small Image Of Lower  Drive 1

also in this parts list

HOUSING, WATER PUMP | 6634431102
BRACKET 1 | 6824411700
BOOT, SHIFT ROD | 6G14414700
INSERT, CARTRIDGE | 6634432200
| 6H44415012
PIN, SPRING (6H3) | 9169030318
BOLT (682) | 9731306016
| 6H44412102
| 6H44412501
| 6H44415001


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