Screw, Pan Head 30mhr/err (30mshr/mlhr/esrr/elrr) 1993

The 9858005010 Screw, Pan Head can be ordered. View linked machines. 98580-05010 is the manufacturercode.

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30MHR/ERR (30MSHR/MLHR/ESRR/ELRR) 1993 SCREW, PAN HEAD 9858005010, for Yamaha
Screw, Pan Head 30mhr/err (30mshr/mlhr/esrr/elrr) 1993
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this product is superseded by 9788505010


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Using any old Screw you may have lying around will do the job up to point - Using the correct Yamaha Pan Head Screw will do the job correctly, the angle and dimensions will interface properly, securing this electrical component with complete reliability.

  • For total effectiveness, always use genuine Yamaha fasteners throughout

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