Suzuki T250iir 1972 (j) Usa (e03) parts lists

The T250IIR 1972 (J) USA (E03) parts lists can also be referred to as: schematic, parts fiche, parts manual and parts diagram. The T250IIR 1972 (J) USA (E03) parts-list contains five hundred forty-eight parts. The list contains thirty-three Other parts fiches.

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Suzuki T250iir 1972 (j) Usa (e03)

Suzuki T250IIR 1972 J USA E03

The T250 replaced the highly successful T20 Super Six in 1967, and was a big act to follow, but follow it did. With even more power, now up to 33hp, the most powerful 250-road machine ever made the six-speed box and superb styling and colour schemes sold nearly as well... Read more

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