Suzuki Mt50 Trailhopper 1973 (k) Usa (e03) parts lists

twenty-five MT50 TRAILHOPPER 1973 (K) USA (E03) parts fiche schematic pages. This parts-list page (REAR WHEEL) contains the most products with forty-one listed parts. The MT50 TRAILHOPPER 1973 (K) USA (E03) parts-list contains six hundred eighty-two parts.

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Suzuki Mt50 Trailhopper 1973 (k) Usa (e03)

Suzuki MT50 TRAILHOPPER 1973 K USA E03

Introduced by Suzuki in 1972, the MT50 ‘Trail Hopper’ was an obvious stab at Honda’s at the Mini-Bike market dominated by Honda with their superb Monkey Bike. It was a good effort; the air-cooled two-stroke put out a crisp 3.0hp from it’s advanced disc-valve induction system. This was enough to... Read more

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