Bolt Jr80 2001 (k1) Usa (e03)

The 0157006163 Bolt is (temporarly) unavailable. View linked machines. 01570-06163 is the manufacturercode.

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JR80 2001 (K1) USA (E03) BOLT 0157006163, for Suzuki
Bolt Jr80 2001 (k1) Usa (e03)
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Engine and transmission rebuilding can be a complex and time consuming process that once complete will not need attempting again on that engine for years to come - hopefully!
Replacing as many of the old worn or damaged components as possible will help ensure a clean-shifting, smooth running gearbox.
Part of the rebuilding process is ensuring the correct gaskets, seals and bearings are used? Be sure and only use the correct specification parts - something you can be certain of if you choose to buy from us.
Other gearbox related components you may wish to consider:


  • Gasket sealant: 08C70K0234M for a more professional result.
  • Add as many items as you wish to the same shopping cart, new circlips 0833131286, bolts 015000612A and C-ring 0939062012 for example, and still only pay the same single fixed price shipping cost.
  • This component may have other applications in the Suzuki model range so please ensure the part-number/s you order are correct for your particular model.

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    The Bolt appears in these Jr80 2001 (k1) Usa (e03) parts lists:

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    BOLT | 0157006203
    CLAMP | 0940238306
    | 1311003400
    SCREW 6X16 | 0211206163
    GASKET,REED VALVE (NAS) | 1315646001H17


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