Suzuki Jr80 2001 (k1) Usa (e03) parts lists

thirty-six Other page parts fiche for JR80 2001 (K1) USA (E03). The REAR WHEEL schematic contains the largest amount of parts with thirty-nine listed products. With these JR80 2001 (K1) USA (E03) partsfiches you have access to six hundred thirty-one spares.

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Suzuki Jr80 2001 (k1) Usa (e03)

Suzuki JR80 2001 K1 USA E03

Natural step up for the experienced Junior moto-cross rider, with a minimum age of 9 years old (suggested by the manufacturer). The 79cc two-stroke model ran from 2001 to 2004 and was highly successful with its dependable engine and light 58kg weight. Ignition was virtually maintenance free with a reliable... Read more

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