Bearing Gsx600f Katana 1999 (x) Usa (e03)

The 0812363027 Bearing can be ordered. View linked machines. 08123-63027 is the manufacturercode. This product is rated 4.0 stars!

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GSX600F KATANA 1999 (X) USA (E03) BEARING 0812363027, for Suzuki
Bearing Gsx600f Katana 1999 (x) Usa (e03)
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Ball bearing

reviewer: Erik Moi

(4 Stars) - Monday, April 13, 2015
The ball bearing seemed to be in good quality and have performed good as expected, in the time it has been in use.

where used

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Small Image Of Front Wheel model W x y k1 k2

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SPACER(15.3X21.7X63) | 0918015011
AXLE,FR | 5471119C00
WHEEL,FR(17XMT3.50) | 5411108F10019
SPACER,FR AXLE | 5474033410


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