Suzuki Fz50 1979 (n) parts lists

The FZ50 1979 (N) parts manuals are put online for your convenience and may be accessed any time, free of charge. The list contains thirty-five Other parts fiches. In total, the parts lists contain five hundred seventy-eight parts.

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Suzuki Fz50 1979 (n)

Suzuki FZ50 1979 N

The model has several nicknames, ‘Youdy’ in Japan when launched in 1978, ‘Suzy’ and ‘Rascal’ in some countries. It weighed a svelte 59kg allowing it’s 3.2hp engine with 2 speed automatic transmission to punt the machine along quite handily. Some countries like Denmark (30kph max) and the U.K (30mph max)... Read more

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