Suzuki Dr50 Big 1986 (g) parts lists

Note that the supplied Suzuki parts lists may contain important information for repairing your DR50 BIG 1986 (G). With one hundred fifty products listed, the ENGINE COMP. GS-4V contains the most products. A total of twenty lists available for DR50 BIG 1986 (G).

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Suzuki Dr50 Big 1986 (g)

Suzuki DR50 BIG 1986 G

Announced in 1991 by Suzuki Motor Espana, this learner legal trail machine was powered by a potent water-cooled two-stroke single of 49.8cc. Weighing just 60kg the model was impressively fast for a 50, and was popular with youngsters throughout Europe, although in some countries, like the U.K, power was emasculated... Read more

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