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Ruben Del Cerro Bonilla

posts: 1
posted: Thursday, February 11, 2016 22:08
Subject: Plastic DR

Hello, my name is Ruben and I am from Spain.

I have not found an email where I write this, and I hope that perhaps ye see him here because I can not call because they are speaking English.

In fact, I use google translator.

I am interested in the plastic in blue, tank cover, covers carter ....

But I see you do not have everything cataloged, and prices.

Approximately what you have, because I have come to your website, by Cesar, the person who sold you this stuff.

I would like a price for a set of plastic for DR.

A greeting.

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Edwin Van Der Veen

posts: 382
posted: Monday, February 15, 2016 14:12
Subject: Re: Plastic DR

Hi Ruben,

Perhaps you can find your items in the product gallery ?

Just type a keyword such as "cover" and than you see all the products that have the word 'cover' in it.

Hope this helps!

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Ruben Osorio

posts: 1
posted: Friday, April 1, 2016 18:34
Subject: Re: Plastic DR


I have review it and today there are some of the components that I need.

Dou you think that it could be possbble to obtain a discount code?

I am going to buy about 180 euros. And the shipping and taxes are a bit expensive!!

I have already registered!

Thx a lot

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