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Screwed up (hangar pin)



William Johnson

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posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 01:08
Subject: Screwed up (hangar pin)

What a freaking mess! Anyway the plug over cap came off OK, but when I went to take pin loose in order to change brake pads, no go. Used a # 5 Allen as it described to use, but it snapped. So after using penatrating oil letting it set for hours still no go. Took a # 5 cut it down to 1.5 inches in length so it would fit in a socket so I could get torque, well it slipped & rounded off. I stopped & left it as is so that a # 5 still fits snug but slightly loose. Any suggestions as to how to remove?
2006 vtx1300r, front brake hanger pin.

Thanks for any help.. :-/

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