(14500286040) Tensioner, Cam

The 14500286030 (14500286040) Tensioner, Cam can be ordered. Fits Honda. 14500-286-030 is the manufacturercode.

(14500286040) Tensioner, Cam photo

The (14500286040) TENSIONER, CAM is shown as item 3 on the schematic.

: Honda
: 14500286030
: HO0019.4460

this product is superseded by 14500286040
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Re-building your engine? If yes it is worth renewing this part, as it will help restore performance by delivering more accurate valve timing, and of course the engine will run much more quietly as well.
You may also like to check out all the other parts we stock for this type of machine listed below, gaskets, seals, and many other essential parts that will help you achieve that perfect engine re-build. If you are unsure of what you need, try looking at 'The Parts list' which shows every component that collectively make up your complete machine!

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