Bolt, Flange, 6x12 Ns400r 1985 (f) South Africa

The 959000601208 Bolt, Flange, 6x12 can be ordered. View linked machines. 95900-0601208 is the manufacturercode.

Bolt, Flange, 6x12 photo
The NS400R 1985 (F) SOUTH AFRICA BOLT, FLANGE, 6X12 is shown as item 11 on the schematic.
Bolt, Flange, 6x12 Ns400r 1985 (f) South Africa
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Your overhaul will be easier to execute and with a more professional outcome when you specify new parts like this 6 x 12 Flange Bolt rather than making do with the old corroded, maybe slightly damaged item!
For other new parts to make your task easier and with better results check out our online schematic for your model.

  • Renewing these parts is a lot easier than refurbishing the old items (and probably less expensive!).
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    The Bolt, Flange, 6x12 appears in these Ns400r 1985 (f) South Africa parts lists:

    Small Image Of Crankcase

    Small Image Of Clutch

    Small Image Of Gearshift Drum

    Small Image Of Left Ctankcase Cover - Gearshift Cover

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    BOLT,FLANGE,6X14 | 959000601407
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    BOLT.FLANGE,6X22 | 960000602207
    | 91023KG4004
    PIN,DOWEL 8X29.5 | 91104KG4000


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