Valve Set, Throt. Nq50 Spree 1985 (f) Usa

The 16022GA6004 Valve Set, Throt. can be ordered. View linked machines. 16022-GA6-004 is the manufacturercode.

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NQ50 SPREE 1985 (F) USA VALVE SET, THROT. 16022GA6004, for Honda
Valve Set, Throt. Nq50 Spree 1985 (f) Usa
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this product is superseded by 16022GC7611


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When refurbishing the carburettor it would be a sensible precaution to renew this THROTTLE Valve Set along with the float, and other jets to ensure that the carburettor can give top performance. Renewing one without the other is not a recipe for good carburettor efficiency!

  • Don't forget to order the float bowl gasket and other vital carburettor seals!
  • Remember, the more you order at any one time, the lower the overall shipping costs.

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