Water Buffalo

The iconic suzuki GT750 water-cooled three-cylinder two-stroke motorcycle was produced by suzuki from 1971 to 1977.
It was the first mass produced Japanese motorcycle with a liquid-cooled engine. The GT750 is considered so significant that the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan included the 1971 suzuki GT750 as one of their 240 Landmarks of Japanese Automotive Technology.

The suzuki GT750 was launched in Japan in September 1971 as a sports tourer (GT standing for Grand Tourismo). Marketed as the Le Mans in the US and Canada, it was nicknamed the "Kettle" in Britain, the "Water Bottle" in Australia, and the "Water Buffalo" in the United States.

Unlike the overtly “Banzai” Kawasaki H2 750cc two-stroke triple, the GT750 was positioned as a torquey, comfortable long-distance machine. Heavy at 550 lbs, with a 739 cc two-stroke three-cylinder engine with 70 mm bore and 64 mm stroke, it had a five-speed gearbox and three-into-four exhaust but was not without some sporting genes. Raced as the TR750, the basic GT engine achieved notable racing success in the F750 class in the hands of riders such as Barry Sheene, Paul Smart and Tepi Lansivouri was first raced at Daytona in 1972.

In 1973 the suzuki GT750K was announced with extra chrome plating and two 295mm discs replacing the complex and hard to adjust multiple leading shoe drum front brake. No other manufacturer was offering dual front disc brakes as standard showroom fitment at the time, so this was quite a marketing coup for suzuki as was the iconic “digital gear indicator” that was literally years ahead of its time. As with all big two strokes of the late 1970s, the GT750 was a victim of stricter emission regulations and competition from technical developments of four-stroke motorcycles.

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