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In March 1984, Honda introduced the VF1000R, a celebration of the V4's racing heritage and a showcase for the technology Honda had developed on the track with the FWS1000 race bike which was designed for competition in the Daytona 200 and AMA F1 class and, ultimately, production-based racing in the rest of the world.

Fittingly then, the original concept was that it would showcase and, more importantly, homologate all the innovative and ground-breaking technology that had been used in the F1 class, for use in the production-based classes of the time. This was not to be the case, though, as the finished bike weighed in at nearly 600 pounds with half a tank of fuel, roughly 85 pounds heavier than the standard VF1000F model, and for this reason was rarely used in competition, and struggled to be competitive when it was used.

The VF1000R was an incredibly powerful bike for the time making 120hp @ 10,000rpm. The chassis was equally revolutionary, using Honda’s Pro-Link rising-rate rear end and TRAC (Torque Reactive Anti-Dive Control) anti-dive front fork.

The VF1000R was able to claim the title of "fastest production motorcycle in the world" with a top speed of 150 mph for a short period before being dethroned by the Kawasaki GPz900R. Despite not having the race success its tech-spec promised, VF1000R’s are a good “collectable classic” and prices are beginning to rise. In short, if you fancy one then buy it now and start enjoying that Honda V4 experience.

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