The Mini Gixxer

In 1986 suzuki introduced the RB50 GAG, a much-loved minibike that’s essentially a miniature version of the iconic suzuki GSX-R superbike. suzuki offered the model in four distinct paint schemes including the classic blue and white, red and white, 'Little Racing” pink and even a USAF version which was possibly inspired by the movie Top Gun, which had been released in the same year.

Unlike its competitors such as the Honda Monkey, the RB50 GAG was designed to closely replicate the full-size motorcycles in the suzuki line-up. Rather than using the far more common (and cheaper) tubular steel to make the frame, suzuki engineers developed a bespoke welded aluminum box frame and a 'full-floater” aluminum box-type swingarm, a hydraulic front disc brake, telescopic forks, clip-on handlebars, and even a rear monoshock.

The machine looked very fast, but in fact was powered by a 5.2 hp four stroke engine from the ‘Birdie scooter’ so this 64kg racer could only offer an average 50cc ride, however with much more than average sports bike looks and handling. Because of its very capable chassis, many owners equipped their RB50’s with a more powerful engine out of NSR or YSR.

The RB50 GAG was also known as the GSX-R50 in the United Kingdom and some other world markets, but the motoring press and the bike’s owners nicknamed it the Mini Gixxer. Despite the fact that the RB50 GAG was a good-looking and affordable mini-superbike its sale figures were a bit of a disappointment for suzuki and as a result the model was discontinued after only two years.

Nowadays the suzuki RB50 holds a true cult status with Japanese mini race bike enthusiasts and complete examples are becoming exceedingly rare and highly sought after by collectors.

issued: Thursday, October 06, 2022
updated: Thursday, October 06, 2022

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