Suzuki's blooper?

The humble and unassuming suzuki B100 was first available in 1964 and lasted – with a few minor updates – for over a decade; the main change being the introduction of the B100P in 1966 (P presumably for Posi Force – more of that later).

Combining a spec common to many Japanese “utilitarian” machines of the time, the 118cc two-stroke air-cooled motor was a tough little devil – and it needed to be considering it was focussed on new riders with big riding ambitions and little riding talent! Someone realised that B100P actually spelt “Bloop” and the name has stuck ever since – even for the eventual B120P which seems to make no sense at all.

With the convenience of a separate oil tank and metered pump, two-stroke oil was auto fed to the B100P engine to avoid the common piston seizures at a time when riders were asked to add a measure of oil to the fuel tank each time they filled up….and frequently didn’t. As an evolution (and given that manufacturers selling in the U.S market had to name every feature), the oil system was first called “Posi-Force” later morphing into suzuki CCI (Crank Cylinder Induction).

The chassis was a pressed steel item, suspension care of fully shrouded front forks and rear shocks. Colour schemes were pleasant yet not adventurous with frame and fuel tank the same colour (commonly Blue or Red) with contrasting white side-panel and oil tank.

So why is the B100P remembered so affectionally? Well, for a number of reasons. Firstly, everyone remembers their first love and, like many B100P’s, though it may have ended in wreckage you only recall the good times!

If a Bloop is on your “must have” list, then things like original exhaust must be a high priority along with a complete oil injection system (including pump) and headlamp nacelle. A decade long life cycle means that CMS will have numerous parts for the B100P and B120P and will be happy to help you reacquaint yourself with your first love!

issued: Wednesday, January 11, 2023
updated: Thursday, January 19, 2023

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