Suzuki GS750: Inspired by the Best, Built to Last

"If you are going to steal, then steal from the rich"; that could have been said by Robin Hood or by the chief engineer at suzuki as the GS750 was on the drawing board at Hamamatsu.

suzuki gs750 riding

The rich – in this case – were Kawasaki who, by 1976, had over a decade of experience with large capacity four strokes via the W and then Z series. And it’s from the air-cooled, DOHC Z1 that suzuki took their GS inspiration. With “bucket and shim” valve actuation, dual camshafts, and a robust roller bearing crank, the GS750 mirrored Kawasaki technology but with the benefit of time, improved on the overall package to make a 749cc machine that was an incredible first large capacity four-stroke foray.

At launch, it arrived with just one front disc brake and even wire-spoked wheels sharing showroom space with the outgoing two-stroke triple GT750-B, but the writing was on the wall for “strokers” and suzuki sold GS750s in their thousands.

A simple, relatively conservative (or should we say assured) design, the GS had all the right design vernacular. A fuel tank halfway between rounded and square, a tail unit behind the seat with a racy flip-up, and a great meter panel that put the aging Z1 instruments in their place – it even had the signature suzuki gear indicator that Kawasaki took a decade or more to add as an OE feature.

The 8-valve GS750 was gradually upgraded with cast wheels over wire spokes twin front disc brakes and more complex paint and graphics, but the essential core of the machine remained intact until 1980 when the GSX750 four-valve per cylinder came along and suzuki got into their stride.

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issued: Thursday, February 29, 2024
updated: Thursday, February 29, 2024

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