Super Sport Saga

If you were to say the words Honda Benly to any motorcycle enthusiast, the image of the CB92 Super Sport would come to mind.
Launched in 1959, the CB92 was almost a race replica of the 125cc RC142 machines raced in the Isle of Man in 1958, and although out classed by the Italian works machinery, still managed to win the team award by benefit of their 100% reliability.

Its 15bhp engine, revving to 11000rpm and beyond propelled this machine to 85mph plus, making it a good deal faster than most 250’s of that period and able to keep up with some 500’s!

The motorcycling public were wowed by its exotic specification, overhead camshaft, twin cylinders, large twin leading shoe brakes, the motorcycling World had never seen anything like it before! How different things may have turned out if Soichiro Honda had not chosen the NSU format for motorcycle design!

Honda made race kits available, as well as purpose built ‘R’ models, that saw many ‘Benlys’ achieve track success, launching the career of many top Grand Prix riders such as Bill Ivy. “Little” Bill’s original machine is still ridden regularly by its owner in England, and at the time of writing, has not even had the head removed from those times, and according to the owner running better than ever!

The CB92 is quite comfortably one of the most sought-after production Honda’s from the 60’s, making a high-quality restoration a safe financial bet.

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issued: Friday, April 02, 2021
updated: Friday, April 02, 2021

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