Sausage Dog Saga

Launched in 1969, the Honda dax wasn’t a racer, it wasn’t a workhorse, it could barely be described as a ‘road bike’ but it was hugely popular simply because it was fun.
It was fun to ride, fun to hear and fun to look at. The name, ‘dax’ was inspired by the machine’s squat, sausage dog-like proportions, like that of the dachshund dog.

Somehow, the dax seemed to tap into the very soul of 1969. The baby boomers were at a two-wheel-yearning age, rationing seemed to be in the distant memory and suddenly, here was Honda, barely 18 years into producing motorcycles, presenting the globe with a reliable machine that could be chucked in the back of a car.

Despite its immense popularity, Honda ceased production of the dax in 1999. Around this time Honda's patents on the dax design expired and Honda sold the production rights to Jincheng, a Chinese motor manufacturer. This is why many countless dax “clones” have surfaced in the last two decades.

Another important factor that keeps the dax alive is the large number of collectors and owners who like to customize and tune their bikes with special parts from tuning brands like Takegawa and Daytona. CMS offers a wide selection of the world’s best tuning brands for Honda Mini’s so you can make your dax, Monkey or Chaly even more special!

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issued: Friday, January 21, 2022
updated: Friday, January 21, 2022

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