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While the Honda RC30 gave more affluent riders of the late 80's a flavour of what a race bike felt like on the road (yet at real race bike prices), the Kawasaki ZXR750 H1 delivered to those on a more modest budget much the same thing.
Based on the factory ZXR07 endurance racing prototypes, the ZXR had an updated version of the GPX750's liquid-cooled four engine, in an alloy beam frame with up-to-date chassis parts.

The ZXR looked like a committed machine – a race track refugee style – with a peaky and typically Kawasaki rev hungry motor plus what seems a hard rear shock….. until the next model with an even harder one came along! The toothpaste green, white and blue or the more refined black, grey and red paint schemes set the racer looks off a treat too.

Launched in 1989, the ZXR was a true race-rep, with an aluminium beam frame (Kawasaki dubbed this the E-Box thanks to the cross section of the frame sections), 36mm semi flat-side carbs and styling that still turns heads on years later. Stand out feature was the “vacuum cleaner hoses” which arched back from the cowling into the top of the fuel tank to suggest they fed a pressurised air box. In fact they were more cosmetic than anything, but who cares?

The ZXR's engine was based around Kawasaki's GPX750 but with redesigned valve gear, a lighter crank and different pistons, which helped the in-line four rev to over 12,000rpm and develop around 90bhp at the back wheel. Outright power was down against the ZXR's competition but it produced more midrange and torque than the GSX-R and VFR.

If you're in the market for a classic 750cc race replica but don't fancy stumping up the sky-high prices most RC30's are fetching these days, then the gorgeous Kawasaki ZXR750H1 may be just the bike for you.

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