NR750 - Nearly round or not ready?

The NR750 Honda is a unique road motorcycle and technical tour de force that exemplifies Soichiro Honda’s obsession with four stroke motorcycles.

Born out of Honda's failed NR500 GP project of the late 70’s. the basic reference point for the NR750 engine was the NR500 V4 unit. Each of the NR500’s four pistons were supported by two connecting rods attached to pistons with two straight edges and two round ends. The greater surface area and combustion chamber architecture enabled Honda to run 8 spark plugs and 32 valves maximising the power potential of the “V8” engine. Sadly, it was not enough against the GP two strokes of the time and the project never gained momentum.

Utilising many NR500 lessons, the NR750 used pistons with curved edges which the media dubbed “Oval”. Launched in 1992 (the same year as the iconic Fireblade), the spec included an aluminium beam type frame, single sided swing arm and such things as magnesium wheels plus an 8 into 4 into 1 under-seat exhaust (two years before the Ducati 916 used such a system) plus an LED “floating” meter panel.

Produced in the low hundreds the NR was easily the most expensive production motorcycle of its day. At nearly €43,000 Soichiro’s V4/V8 masterpiece was five times more expensive than the Fireblade. Resplendent in an unapologetic bright red livery with angular side vents among an array of exotic materials, this was a “two-wheeled Testarossa”.

And if you thought the original entry price was high your pockets need to be even deeper to buy one now as the average price is in the region of €100,000. The pistons may have been Not Round and the race bike Not Ready but no red-blooded motorcyclist would ever refuse the chance to own an NR750.

Amazingly CMS carry a varied selection of NR750 parts. So, if you possess one of these rare beasts then we are still the Go-To spare parts partner for your ruby red ride.

issued: Wednesday, April 26, 2023
updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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