Honda has long believed the V4..

Honda has long believed the V4 to be the ultimate engine layout for a motorcycle, and they may be right.
Done well, a good V4 mixes four-cylinder power with V-twin midrange and torque. That combination of overwhelming speed and easygoing power has made Honda’s four-stroke V4s dominant in all kinds of racing.

While the 750cc V4s made headlines in Europe and America, in Japan Honda’s VF400F was just as big a deal. Sharing similar features to its bigger siblings, the VF400F achieved an impressive 55hp from a 55mm bore, 42mm stroke V4. On top of that, the VF400F had some pretty cool technical features like inboard ventilated disc brakes, Honda's torque reactive anti dive control (TRAC) system, light-alloy Comstar wheels and air-assisted front and rear suspension.

While the first models were equipped with a “bikini style cowling”, the VF400F “Integra” with full-covered-cowling was introduced in 1984. Even tough the VF400F had a lot of potential on paper, sales were meager due to a relatively high price and the dubious reputation of earlier V4 models with camshaft issues.

These setbacks however didn’t stop Honda’s belief in the V4 and this engine layout would remain in their line-up for a whopping 38 years until the VFR800 failed to meet the new Euro 5 regulations. However, there are rumors that Honda will introduce a new V4 concept again for 2023…

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issued: Friday, November 19, 2021
updated: Friday, November 19, 2021

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