Honda "Excels" Off-Road

The S in the Honda XL trail range in the early 1980’s could well have stood for “sweet spot” with a wide variety of machines available across global markets and a particular emphasis on the lower capacity end of the scale; while not forgetting those with the desire to take to the hills with the most cc’s they could muster.

Across the early part of the decade the road-based trail-bike XL-S range included such machines as the XL100-S and XL125-S as well as the XL185-S (all based around the same basic tried, trusted and rugged single cylinder SOHC power unit architecture that Honda had utilised in a huge range of machines for many years).
Styling-wise, the smaller machines – and their larger siblings – all boasted lay down style twin rear shock absorbers and really well thought out instrument binnacles that had a purposeful chunky (almost Lego-like) look for the smaller bikes and a
distinctive asymmetric design for the 250 and 500. Seats were actually pretty comfortable on all XL-S bikes even for passengers - despite swingarm mounted rear foot-pegs.

As popular as the smaller bikes were, the 250 and 500 took things to the next level – especially the XL250-S that many rate as the star of the show. Idiosyncratic with its 23-inch front wheel, the 250 (and 500) featured a single-cylinder engine with twin exhaust ports meaning a conventional central frame downtube could be used and creating useful low down torque via twin exhausts merging into a single silencer.
Although many judge the proportions and performance of the XL250-S to be ideal for both road and trail, for some biggest is always best and the 32 horsepower XL500-S with its class leading front fork travel and over 10 inches of ground clearance could pretty much conquer any obstacle.

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issued: Saturday, March 11, 2023
updated: Monday, March 13, 2023

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