Hero Honda's new 100cc CD-Deluxe

Hero Honda 100cc CD-Deluxe

Hero Honda 100cc CD-Deluxe

Experience matters when building commuter bikes that generally come without too many frills. Hero Honda is the king when it comes to motorcycle sales but intense competition, in an evolving bike market here, ensures that even the king has to sweat it out to retain his title. The new CD-Deluxe aims at appeasing the masses — critical to cement a leadership position. Known for its quality and refined motorcycles, Hero Honda's newest two-wheeler is certain to feature high on every 100cc new bike buyer's list.

Design & engineering
The new CD-Deluxe is instantly recognizable as a Hero Honda and draws heavily for styling from the Splendor. If you're looking for style, then you'll be disappointed to see that it looks conventional. The Deluxe comes with a new bikini fairing, as well as a broad and distinctive fuel tank with very functional knee recesses.

Dated looking twin-circle gauges sit protected by the new front bikini, looking similar to the Splendor. The CD-Deluxe offers a fuel gauge and also a clearly readable speedometer dial.

Although the Deluxe does not offer a pass light flasher, push-to-cancel turn signal indicators and a built-to-last feel are part of the package. A new safety feature that comes stock with this bike is its main-stand being lockable. You also get an upmarket and smart looking alloy grab-bar. Build and paint lustre, as also fit and finish, are superb, though we would have loved alloy rims as an option.

Engine & performance
The CD-Deluxe's time-proven engine displaces 97.2cc and makes 7.7bhp at 7500rpm and 0.77kgm of torque at 6000rpm. However, what are new are roller bearings for its rocker arms, as well as modifications to the magneto and ignition system. The piston skirt area has been optimized while gear ratios are a freshly revised affair as well. Clutch feel through the lever is light, although the gearshift quality could improve on; a false neutral or two came our way during the test. And while it's not the fastest bike in its class, the Deluxe does offer acceptable performance, with 0- 60 kph in 9.09 seconds and a top speed of 87 kph. Speedometer error showed the new CD running at an actual 74 kph when reading 80 kph.

Ride, handling & braking

The CD-Deluxe improves on the Splendor with a meaty fuel tank, fine knee recesses and a comfortable seat. It utilizes twin telescopic forks as front suspension. A sturdy twin downtube tubular frame meets its tubular swingarm at the rear, while the rear suspension deploys twin hydraulic units with a clever feature that allows them to be adjusted to two positions. When riding alone, suspension should be set plusher, while you can go stiffer for two-up use.

Ride quality on the Deluxe isn't the lap of luxury and could be better, but handling is delightful and perfectly nimble for city use. The Deluxe steers plumb in any situation, and handles tautly through the corners as well. Braking— as on any Indian 100cc bike— is poor and the bike feels like it could do with a disc in front. The new CD uses a 130mm drum in front, 110mm drum at rear and went from 60 kph to rest in a lengthy 24.19 meters during our brake testing session.

Fuel economy
The new CD-Deluxe is just as frugal as any other 100cc bike in India. This new Hero Honda shone through our real world fuel testing to deliver a creditable 54.7kpl in city conditions and an impressive 60.1kpl on the highway.

The best part is there's no contesting the fact that the bike is rock-solid reliable and comes with a smooth and frugal engine. Ride quality could have been better, but overall the CD-Deluxe is another strong Hero Honda package, and one that's reasonably priced as well.

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issued: Wednesday, January 31, 2007
updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2007

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