Forget wheels - Think Pistons!

For sure the widest held perception of CMS is motorcycle parts – and for sure that is the major part of our business… but there is so much more to us than motorbikes!

Put simply, our world is Piston-Powered. If it’s got a piston then we are interested. Take Honda for example. Starting out by adapting cycles with surplus engines to make cheap, economical powered two wheelers in the late 1940’s, Soichiro Honda created a vast manufacturing conglomerate that encompassed automobiles, quads, portable generators, garden equipment and a lot more besides.

Mr Honda soon realised about economy of scale in terms of buying power from suppliers and also that engineers loved to “engineer” regardless of the product. In this way Honda created the amazing S600 sports car complete with a high revving 600cc motorcycle type engine… well almost a Grand Prix engine with double overhead camshafts and four carburettors.

Its not just about four wheels or even two, how about three wheels? The ATC90 made its debut in 1970 creating a new leisure vehicle category and, like numerous other Honda products, appealed to all family members. These balloon-tyred leisure trikes continued until the early 1980’s when “Big Red” was launched as Honda diversified (along with other manufacturers) into the farming and professional user market.

“The power of Dreams” was a famous Honda slogan and as early as the mid 1960s, Honda unleashed their E300 portable generator, the first of many such units that would provide power for recreational and commercial use – and once more, like the 1940’s, Soichiro was “hands on” with development.

So, if it’s got a piston, it’s old and made by someone we list motorcycle parts for just take a look at the CMS web site. Don’t forget and just think Pistons!

issued: Saturday, April 29, 2023
updated: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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