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The DT-175G was the second last in a long line of Yamaha road/off-road enduro style motorcycles that can be traced back to the CT-1 of the late 1960's.
Its demise in North America came in 1981 due to emission laws but the DT concept continued and evolved in other parts of the world culminating in the mono-shock DT/MX machines that are so sought after today.

For North America, the 175cc Yamaha series went through four evolutionary phases. The original bike was born in the late 1960's and modelled on the DT-1 250CC, known as the CT-1. These bikes were among the first purpose built, dual purpose, motorcycles to come out of Japan, and were very successful. They were dirt bikes with enough lighting and instrumentation to make them street legal. Most of them were stripped of this equipment and used off road (and the stripped parts lost!). With modifications they were used in all types of off-road sport and were very reliable in contrast to perhaps better performing but more fragile European counterparts.

The original CT-1 was a piston port, two stroke, oil injected, five speed. It came with a low set front fender more akin to a trials bike, and trials tires, most of which got swapped for more aggressive MX pattern hoops. When the model codes changed in 1974, the bike became known as the DT-175. Other changes included engine upgrades including a reed valve, a different fuel tank, a 21” front wheel, thermoflow shocks, and a subtle restyle.

Restoring off-road machines is now very popular – so too is tracking down all those stripped off parts left on shelves or gathering dust in lofts. “It’s a dirty job – but someone has to do it!”.

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