Clashing Titans ⚔️

In the final golden era of 500cc Grand Prix two-stroke machines, competition was nothing short of gladiatorial and the bikes were viscous and, frankly, so were some of the riders.
With stellar high sides or tyre smoking rear wheel steering commonplace riders fell (sometimes literally) into two classes: technical or brave. The likes of Lawson and Spencer were precise and analytical while Gardner and Sarron simply had big balls.

Into the arena came Americans Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz, both able to take world championship and yet both with completely different riding styles – all that united them was a hatred of each other. On the Yamaha YZR500 Rainey was scalpel precise, clinical in approach and able not just to win but also able to judge that points for second or even fourth place were still valuable. Schwantz on the other hand seemed too tall to ride the tiny suzuki RGV500 and looked out of control more often than not. His aim? Simple – beat Rainey…. Just beat Rainey.

For the tall Texan that meant success in the 1993 500cc Grand Prix Championship and for Wayne the same status but in 1990,1991 and 1992. Nobody can say who had the better approach or even who was the better rider on any given day. All we can be sure of is that when Schwantz and Rainey were on track there would be fireworks and an epic battle to simple beat each other....and maybe even win a race!

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issued: Tuesday, October 26, 2021
updated: Tuesday, October 26, 2021

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