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In the mid 70’s Yamaha had the difficult task to implement a new image on the big four-stroke market that was already dominated by Honda, followed by Kawasaki and suzuki, without being tagged as a copycat.
Yamaha chose, with varying degrees of success, to go for technical originality, calling on outside designers to develop the technologies in which the firm was not yet experienced.

As a result of this Yamaha introduced the groundbreaking XS 750 “triple” in 1976, so called because it had three cylinders. The XS 750 was the most technically innovative bike of its day. In addition to having a 120° three-cylinder crank, it also features dual overhead cams, 3 carbs, shaft drive, triple disc brakes and solid alloy wheels. Despite the exotic technological features, the power of 64BHP was more touring than sports.

The bike was quite popular, but did suffer a few early gremlins, Like the center cylinder failing to run after a long-wet ride, and the gearbox failing to deliver second gear if the change was hurried.

The XS 750 is still a handsome machine and is becoming increasingly popular with both OEM and custom bike fanatics.

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issued: Friday, May 14, 2021
updated: Friday, May 14, 2021

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