Big Spender

Flamboyant Dutch businessman Henk Vink became the Dutch importer of Kawasaki motorcycles in the mid 60’s. After grabbing the Dutch Trails title eleven times, Vink started to compete in motorcycle drag races in the UK and Europe.

In this iconic picture we see him on the 1974 “Big Spender”, powered by a supercharged Kawasaki Z1 engine. This hand-made bike generated a whopping 180hp and weighted just over 300 pounds. Thanks to this favorable power to weight ratio, Vink was able to cover the quarter mile in just 9,48 seconds, reaching a top speed of 165mph (265kmh).

Vink’s hunger for speed remained insatiable, so he continued to prepare even more powerful twin-engined and even jet and rocket-powered bikes. However, constantly living in the fast lane eventually caught up with him and Henk Vink tragically died on his 50th birthday from a heart attack.

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issued: Wednesday, July 28, 2021
updated: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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