PA50I HOBBIT 1979 (Z) USA / 20 MPH


base name PA50I
common name MOPED 20MPH
year 1979 
area code
frame range PA50M 2100001 - PA50M 2199999
engine range PA50E 1000001 - PA50E 1099999


PA50I HOBBIT 1979 (Z) USA / 20 MPH


Launched in 1978 this two stroke moped had a CVT transmission system, otherwise known as variable belt. This system, originally pioneered by the Dutch Daffodil car company in the 1950’s, used two spring loaded cones opposing each other with a belt drive sitting in the V created by the two opposing cones. As acceleration built, the cones would force apart against the springs effectively increasing the gear ratio. And yes it worked!

They were made in 20mph and 30mph models, easy to regulate with the strength of the CVT springs. The final evolution of the PA50 was launched in 1983, and apart from cosmetics and a more comfortable seat was unchanged.