NPS50 ZOOMER 2006 (6) JAPAN AF58-150


NPS50 ZOOMER 2006 (6) JAPAN AF58-150


This radical scooter was developed by Honda in 2002; in Canada and the USA the model name for the same design is Ruckus.

The Zoomer differs from more traditional scooters with its rugged design including tires that are thicker and have deep treads, and a skeleton frame that intentionally lacks an enclosed storage compartment.

The 49cc liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke produces 5bhp @ 8000rpm, and has a top speed of 70kph or 43mph.

Popular In Japan, with some extreme tuning and customising parts available from companies like *Daytona, and it’s utilitarian appearance proving popular in other countries as well, the fact it is still in production testimony to that fact!
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