SFX50 1998 (W) FRANCE

Frame s/n: from WE030002 upto WE030701


base name SFX50W
year 1998 
area code
frame type GBMK2 66 
frame range VTMAF37F0WE WE030002 - VTMAF37F0WE WE030701
engine type GBMA1 66B 


SFX50 1998 (W) FRANCE


Introduced By Honda for they’re home market in 1995, and then for export markets later that year. The unrestricted version gave 5.39ps @ 6750rpm, and weighing just 71kg delivered top 50cc scooter performance for that time. Models coming into Europe though were for many countries heavily restricted leading to a trade in handy mechanics charging to remove the ‘variator' which liberated the engines back to full power, and then with a few after market parts would give this little scooter 60mph (100kph) performance!